Why Us

We Preserve Your Collection at The Highest Quality

Memory Labs offers only the highest quality digitization so that your photos and videos are preserved now and for the future, granting you peace of mind

Two Files For Each Photo



A lossless file that ensures your collection is preserved for life


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An enhanced shareable file that you can show off to friends and family


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Your Visual History Is Important to Us


We use the same equipment as The Library of Congress, the Disney Company and MoMA to achieve FADGI 4; the highest international standard for digitization. And, at 1200 PPI, our photos even exceed the 4 star qualifications. This means they capture all the information available so you never have to digitize again.


Your photos and videos never leave our care here in Toronto. With tracking links at each step of the process, and the option to add required signatures, your collection can travel to and from us securely. When it comes time to download your digitized collection, you’ll receive a link that is uniquely yours.


Our company standards and processes are a product of our head archivist’s unique expertise. To ensure that your collection is treated with the utmost care, we require all our lab technicians to be equipped with the proper tools and knowledge of archival best practices.