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What we do

At Memory Labs, we digitize your old photos and videos to preserve them for future generations. Our advanced technology improves the picture quality, so your family’s treasure trove of memories will look their best when they’re shown, shared — and saved.


Protect your history against loss, damage, and obsolescence.

All physical materials are at risk of fire, theft, water damage, or simply being misplaced. They can also deteriorate with time, especially if they’re not being stored properly. And, many home movies or slide collections can only be watched in formats that require hard-to-find equipment. That’s why making digital versions is important for preserving your family’s history.


State-of-the-art equipment. Old-fashioned attention to detail.

Our technicians use the same museum- and broadcast-quality technology that’s used by the Library of Congress, the Walt Disney Company and more. Every photo or video will be captured and enhanced one at a time, not in batches - so you get the best possible version to save.


An additional archive to keep your memories safe

Once you’ve had your originals digitized, they’re yours to keep and treasure. But for additional security, Memory Labs offers Digital Backup, an offline digital storage option that backs up your family’s files so there are always copies, just in case.


Your treasures are our responsibility — and we take that seriously.

Your photos and videos will not leave our facility until they are returned to you. All the work is overseen by our head archivist, while all our lab techs are specially-trained and follow the archival industry standards for best-practices. We know how important your photos and videos are to you, and looking after them carefully is just as important to us.



Our trained technicians use the latest technology and expert care to make sure your photos are respected and brought to new life. We aim for FADGI 4 quality when possible, which is the highest international standard for digitization.

Submit your:
• Prints (up to 14” x 16”)
• Negatives
• Slides
• Albums

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Your old home movies can look better than ever.  Our technicians use the same technology from Black Magic Design that broadcast companies and studios use. All your videos will be upscaled and enhanced.

Submit your:

• Beta


• Video8, Hi8, Digital8

• MiniDV SD, MiniDV HD

• MiniDVD-R, MiniDVD+RW


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We digitize your family’s recordings so you can enjoy old interviews, music, broadcasts and more on mp3s that you can listen to anywhere.

Submit your:

• Reel-to-reel

• Cassette

• Mini-cassette, micro-cassette

• Compact Disc

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The first thing we did when we got our hard drive was put our Show files up on the TV and flip through them all together. The Share files were perfect for sending our favourites to friends and for posting on Instagram.

Colette A.

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