Explore your family legacy.

Whether you’ve been holding onto your family’s photo or video collection for years, or if you’ve gained a new appreciation for your visual history, Memory Labs will help you to explore and discover new things. We understand that these items are one-of-a-kind and are committed to providing an experience worthy of the trust you’ve placed in our hands. 

We treat your memories like they’re our own.

Preserving your family’s history is very personal, so we’ll ensure the experience is one-of-kind, providing a human touch every step of the way.

We don’t believe you should have to pay a premium to have your photos preserved in their truest form. We offer the best possible version by default, with a museum grade process and outcome that guarantees the highest possible quality.

From the moment they arrive to the time they’re ready to be returned, your collection never leaves our hands. With worry-free shipping and security even after the job is done, we promise peace of mind.

We’re as eager as you are. We’ll have your photos and videos ready for you within 7 business days. Once the transaction is complete, your digitized memories will be instantly accessible online for you to enjoy and share.  

We keep things simple with one convenient box to fill with your photos or videos and pricing that is free of surprises. Your collection will be easily accessible on the cloud so you can view it whenever you want.

H5: Guidance

Subtitle: We have lots of helpful resources, guides, and knowledge that we’re happy to share with you, so that you get the most out of your digitized photos and videos. Learn how to preserve your legacy for future generations.

Section 3 - How it works

Title: How it works

Subtitle: We’ll help you preserve your past so you can enjoy it in the present.  

H2: One convenient box

Subtitle: We make it easy by providing you with one box for either your photos or videos. Whether you have slides, prints, negatives, DVDs or tapes, we’ll help you digitally transform these memories. Just fill the box and send it our way.

H2: Worry-free

Subtitle: We use museum-grade digitizing techniques and secure processing to expertly preserve your legacy. From the shipping to the handling of your collection of photos and videos, we ensure peace of mind every step of the way.

H2: Ready to share

Subtitle: We’ll get the job done quickly, returning your collection and providing instant access to your digital copies online. You’ll have locked forms for safe-keeping or copies that are ready to share whenever you want.

Section 4 - Product/Pricing

Title: Options that suit your needs.

Subtitle: Old home videos and forgotten photos are a source of endless entertainment for everyone. We have options to suit whatever your collection may hold, offering separate photo and video packages. We’ll digitize these collections to preserve these priceless memories now and forever.

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