When CEO and founder, Ken Schafer was a young boy, he lost a collection of his most beloved childhood photos when a forgotten school project was accidentally thrown out at the end of the year. The loss of these cherished memories stuck with Ken through his entire adult life.

As his own family grew, he not only made sure to document as much of his family’s life on photo and video as he could, but found ways to use technology to preserve these memories for himself, his family, and future generations. To help more people preserve, discover, and share their family’s visual history, Ken and his team created Memory Labs. 

Realizing that people wanting to digitize were having to go to copy centres or small shops on the outskirts of town, Ken wanted to offer top quality photo and video digitization with a premium experience both online and eventually through a beautifully-designed retail location.

We’re here to guide you through the process so you’ll always be able to share your family’s stories through future-friendly technology.