Give your past a starring role for years to come.


At Memory Labs our technicians will digitize your videos, taking them from home movies to camcorder masterpieces. We use technology from Black Magic Design that’s used by broadcast companies and studios, so you’ll enjoy the best picture possible.

We digitize:



Video8, Hi8, Digital8

MiniDV SD, MiniDV HD



Visuals that look better than ever

Videos will be digitized and returned to you in MP4 files that are upscaled, and enhanced. The result? Video that looks better than its original.

These files are 200MB/minute and 1080p resolution. You can use them for 
- sharing through online apps and sites
- editing and creating movies
- creating slideshows 

You’ll receive your videos as independent scenes, rather than as an entire tape or one large file. We remove any blank space/tape in your movies so that they’re seamless - and there’s no charge for the digitization of anything lacking content. 

Sometimes, boxes, cases, and even the videos themselves have important information written on them. As a result, along with your MP4 video files, you’ll also receive a JPG photo of your physical video to ensure the full history of your movie is preserved.


Click to download the sample of each video.


All Video Formats

$0.71 per minute

All Prices Include


You’ll receive all your files as mp4 files that you can view on most devices.

One Year Storage With Our Digital Backup

For added security, all your files will be stored on our secure Digital Backup server at no cost for the first year.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We’ll do whatever we can to make your experience with Memory Labs a positive one.

File Handling



Hard Drives

The size of your hard drive depends on the size of your order. If you’ve chosen to have your files delivered to you this way the price will be added to your invoice: 16GB ($12) 32GB ($15) 64GB ($20) 128GB ($35) 256GB ($75) 500GB ($135) 1TB ($265) 2TB ($380)

Video FAQs

What do you mean by “scenes”?

Video scenes are the different recordings that might be found on one tape or disc. 

If multiple recordings were made on one tape or disc, we’ll divide them up into their own MP4 files so that they stand alone as singular and unique movie. This way, you won’t have to go searching through a lengthy and varied file to find what you’re looking for. This also makes it easier to share and manage specific files.

When digitizing videos, you’ll only pay for the length of each recorded video, saving you from being charged for any blank tape/space.

What do you do to edit and enhance videos?

Each video is edited and enhanced to look even better than the tapes they came from. In order to do this we reduce noise and sharpen the footage, while also correcting colour and exposure. The final results are a crisp and beautiful video.

Do you digitize film?

No, at this time we do not digitize film reels.

How will my originals be returned to me?

Your originals will be returned to you in a new and secure box based on their size and format. So MiniDVs have their own unique box, as do Digital 8, VHS, etc. 

Your originals will be returned to you in the order in which they were received as often as possible.

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