Hear the sounds of the past calling you


Whether it’s a recording of your grandmother reminiscing, an old radio show your uncle used to host, or even a garage recording of your dad’s rock band, sound recordings bring the past to life with a special intimacy. 

We digitize:



Mini-cassette, micro-cassette

Compact Disc

Listen anytime, from anywhere

Your audio files will be digitized as MP3s, enabling you to listen to them just as they were recorded. These files are perfect for both conserving and sharing your recordings - they sound excellent and are compatible with MP3 playing apps and editing software. 

You’ll receive your audio as separate tracks of songs or sections, rather than as an entire tape, CD or one large file. We remove any blank space/tape in your audio - and there’s no charge for the digitization of anything lacking content. 

Sometimes, boxes, cases, and even the tapes themselves have important information written on them. As a result, along with your MP3 files, you’ll also receive a JPG photo of your originals to ensure the full history of your recording is preserved.


All Audio Formats

$0.71 per minute

All Prices Include


You’ll receive all your files as mp3s so you can listen on any device.

One Year Storage With Our Digital Backup

For added security, all your files will be stored on our secure Digital Backup server at no cost for the first year.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We’ll do whatever we can to make your experience with Memory Labs a positive one.

File Handling



Hard Drives

The size of your hard drive depends on the size of your order. If you’ve chosen to have your files delivered to you this way the price will be added to your invoice: 16GB ($12) 32GB ($15) 64GB ($20) 128GB ($35) 256GB ($75) 500GB ($135) 1TB ($265) 2TB ($380)

Audio FAQs

What do you mean by "tracks”?

Audio tracks are the different segments that might be found on one recording. 

If multiple recordings were made on one tape, cassette, or CD, we’ll divide them up into their own MP3 files so that they stand alone as singular and unique recordings. This way, you won’t have to go searching through a lengthy and varied file to find what you’re looking for. This also makes it easier to share and manage specific files.

When digitizing audio, you’ll only pay for the length of each recorded track, saving you from being charged for any blank tape/space.

Can you convert copyrighted material?

No. Memory Labs digitizes personal items for personal use. We will not convert or reproduce anything commercial.

How will my originals be returned to me?

Your originals will be returned to you in a new and secure box based on their size and format. So reel-to-reel have their own unique box, as do cassettes, micro-cassettes, etc. 

Your originals will be returned to you in the order in which they were received as often as possible.

What size should I expect my Hear files to be?

Hear files are approximately 1MB/minute MP3 files.

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