Why you should digitize BEFORE your next special occasion

People tend to start their digitization projects when it comes time to celebrate a life, marriage or graduation. But, waiting for a special occasion to onset digitizing can have its downsides. Here’s why.  


For many people their old family photos and videos are forgotten about, or put on the back-burner, until an event happens which lends itself to reminiscing and reflection. 

A wedding, graduation, birthday, or death in the family are great reasons for people to share old memories, make a creative gift, or put together a commemorative slideshow. However, it is NOT a great time to plan a digitization project around. 

Here are some compelling reasons to digitize your photos and videos in their entirety now, rather than pulling out a few great photos each time an occasion arises: 


1. Your Memories Shouldn’t Be Lost On A Long “To Do” List 

Chances are the photos and videos that you’re taking out to celebrate a loved one’s passing, or to show on your wedding day, are your most treasured and valued items. While you may have carefully hand-selected the few things you want digitized, doing so around a big occasion often means you’re juggling a lot of balls, that things are hectic and can easily slip one's mind. If you’re worried about coordinating the cake, balloons, and presents for a birthday party, dealing with a stack of photos that need to be digitized can fall by the wayside and lead to misplacement or loss. Digitization is best taken on as its own project, not second to one you’re already managing. Why give yourself the added stress? 


2. Chronological No More 

Pulling out a select few videos and photos to represent a lifespan or an individual can make keeping everything in chronological order difficult. Once your selected photos have been removed it becomes a task to remember where they had originally been removed from, and a time consuming one to put them back where they belong. Because of this, when it does come time to digitize everything, many pictures can either be missing or no longer in their proper order. Digitizing all your photos and videos in one fell swoop means that they will all go off, and be returned, in their original and intended order. No extra organizing, refiling, or rethinking necessary.


3. Digital Mess 

The same problem with keeping your originals chronological can be said of digital files when they’ve been digitized in selective batches. If, over the years, you digitize different photos for different occasions, it’s likely you are not combining the files and rearranging them for yourself after the fact. More likely, you will end up with a number of different folders based on the events that they were digitized for. Looking for a picture of your daughter at age 6 in “Maggie and Dave’s Wedding Slideshow” folder is not a natural way of searching or filing, and worst of all, it's not an accurate representation of a family history.


4. Your Originals are Fragile  

Each time you take out your photos and videos they become more weathered. They smudge, crease and fade with extended usage. So, if you flip through your photos and videos every time you celebrate a graduation or an anniversary, you are wearing down your film and damaging the integrity of your photos consistently and irreversibly. By digitizing your originals in advance of such events, you can look through your digital copies with peace of mind and no compromisation. 


5. Less Time, Less Money 

Straight and to the point; when special occasions and family events dictate your digitization it will cost you your time and money. Rather than making multiple trips to the post office, placing numerous orders online, or going back and forth to a store, it’s much easier to digitize all your photos and videos at once. This way you’ll have the relief of knowing that all of your memories are preserved and shareable. That’s one big task checked off your list, for life.


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