What is "Museum Quality" exactly?

When we say we create museum-quality images, we’re not exaggerating. Memory Labs uses the same equipment and technology as The Library of Congress, MoMA, and The Walt Disney Company. Here’s what that looks like.


When we say we create museum-quality images, we’re not exaggerating.

At Memory Labs, we use the most advanced technology to create high-quality digital images of your photographs, negatives, and slides.

We achieve this with PhaseOne’s 100 Megapixel iXG camera and Digital Transitions' cultural heritage digitization platform.

This is the same technology used at Library and Archives Canada, The Walt Disney Company, The Library of Congress and The Smithsonian, among other institutions.

With the iXG and Digital Transitions equipment, we easily meet the international digitization standards, such as FADGI and Metamorfoze.

Cultural heritage institutions around the world use these imaging standards to create preservation grade digital images of collections. They specify high benchmarks for things like resolution, colour, and environmental conditions - making images accurate beyond what the human eye can see.

Because we understand that everyone’s memories are as precious as the rare objects found in museums or archives, we base all of our policies on museum and archive best practices. We take care of the photos and videos we digitize in the same way cultural institutions handle historical materials. 

Previously, this level of quality has only been available to high-end institutions, rather than the average consumer. Memory Labs, however, is making preservation quality digitization available to everyone


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We digitize your old photos and videos to preserve them for future generations using advanced technology to improve the picture.


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