What is 1080p?

At Memory Labs, we digitize your old home videos and return them to you as MP4 files that are enhanced to give you the highest quality and detail. Your home recordings are digitized and returned to you as high-quality HD files that are 1080p resolution. But what exactly is 1080p, and how does it compare to other modes?


1080p is a progressive display format where 1,920 pixels are displayed across the screen horizontally and 1,080 pixels down the screen vertically, or 1920x1080 pixels. If you’ve ever watched a Blu-ray Disc, that’s 1080p resolution.

Most modern smartphones take 1080p-level video, and content on streaming sites like YouTube and Netflix is also 1080p. Contrast this with an analog format like VHS, for example, which is roughly equivalent to 333×480 pixels in modern-day digital terminology. 

Using broadcast-quality technology from Black Magic Design, we “upscale” your old home movies to make them look better than ever. The process of upscaling produces video that utilizes your monitor’s maximum aspect ratio, even when playing a lower resolution video.

While you may have heard of 4K Ultra HD, that resolution generally provides a sharper image if you’re looking at native 4K source material. By upscaling your home movies to 1080p, Memory Labs provides you with an enhanced viewing experience and manageable file sizes.

Your MP4s are ideal for sharing through online apps and sites, as well as creating movies and slideshows to enjoy with family. 


A sample video recording digitized by Memory Labs


Rather than returning each of your home videos as one large file, we edit your videos into independent scenes. Each file has noise reduction and sharpening, as well as colour and exposure correction.

We also remove blank space so that videos are seamless, and there’s no charge for blank tape. If you have one hour of content on an eight-hour VHS tape, you are charged for 60 minutes at a rate of $0.71 per minute. 

The formats we digitize include:

  • Beta
  • Video8, Hi8, Digital8
  • MiniDV SD, MiniDV HD
  • MiniDVD-R, MiniDVD+RW
  • DVD

If you have valuable information written on boxes, cases, or even the videos themselves, we’re happy to provide a JPG photo of your physical video.

As we mentioned in a previous blog post, formats like VHS and Beta have been surpassed and replaced, leaving old devices obsolete. As well, research suggests that magnetic media like videotapes only have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years before they start to degrade.

By digitizing your home video collection with Memory Labs, you can preserve your family’s visual history for the next generation.

At Memory Labs, we digitize your family’s old photos and videos so they are preserved for the next generation. Our advanced technology can improve picture quality, so your family’s treasure trove of memories will look their best when they’re shown, shared, and saved for the future. 


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