Protecting your files

Digitizing your collection is the best way to preserve photos and videos for future generations. And, by following these few important steps, your digital images will easily outlast their analog counterparts.


Digitizing your photos and videos is the best way to preserve them for future generations. And, with the proper care, these digital files will easily outlast their analog counterparts. 

 You can follow these simple steps to protect your files:


Keep the file names provided by Memory Labs

  •  Keep file names unique, using numbers and letters and avoiding spaces, punctuation, or symbols 

Don’t make changes to your Save files

  •  Keep your Save files in the original format provided by Memory Labs. Never modify these files. If you want to create another version or edit your file, make a copy of the file and make changes to the copied version only 
  • Make sure the Save files stay distinct and separate from their Show and Share versions  

Backup your files

  • Backup your files following the 3-2-1 Rule. Three copies, stored on two different devices (local harddrive, external harddrive, cloud storage, etc.), and one copy located in another safe location
  • Make sure your files work with your operating system and programs
  • Hardware can deteriorate - it's good practice to migrate hard-drives approximately every 5 years

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