Protect against obsolescence

Old technologies - slide projectors, film cameras, camcorders, VCRs - have been surpassed and replaced, leaving old devices obsolete, and the photos and videos that accompany them rendered useless. Luckily, digitization can protect against this obsolescence.


Whether you know it or not, you are the protector of something fragile, impermanent, and which over time has gained incredible value; your legacy. Unfortunately, when such a legacy is encapsulated in analog pictures and videos, it faces the threat of loss, damage and obsolescence. Luckily, digitization not only protects against all three threats, but it does so in a way that remains friendly for the future.




Have you been in any of the following situations?


You want to watch an old home movie on VHS, but have to dig the VCR out of the back of the garage first. You discover an old box of slides but no projector, so you hold them up to the light and squint to see what each picture holds, only semi-successfully. You have your old camcorder and tapes but the cords (if you can even find them) don’t work with your new TV. 

Most of us have experienced something like this when we tried to enjoy our photos and videos, and it’s the frustrating experience of trying to use something that's no longer meant to be used. 


Old technologies - slide projectors, film cameras, camcorders, VCRs, etc. - have been surpassed and replaced, leaving old devices obsolete, and the photos and videos that accompany them rendered useless. 

Videos are at a particularly high risk for obsolescence because tapes can only be played with the players they were created for, and these players are no longer being produced. You may be able to purchase an old camcorder or VCR on Ebay (at double their original price), but even then, these machines and the tapes played in them inevitably wear down with time and use. Even relatively recent physical formats, such as DVDs, are becoming notably outdated and running out a short shelf-life.


Luckily, you can protect your collection against obsolescence through digitization. 


Having your photos and videos digitized means not being dependent on, or threatened by, old and unfriendly technology. Instead, with digitization, your visual history is easily accessible and in a format that is fit for the future; allowing you to enjoy your photos and videos without worry for generations.


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