Protect against loss

Old photos and videos are at risk of being lost due to unforeseeable events like fires, floods or extreme weather, as well as our tendency for forgetfulness and misplacement over time. Digitization can protect against this loss.


Whether you know it or not, you are the protector of something fragile, impermanent, and which over time has gained incredible value; your legacy. Unfortunately, when such a legacy is encapsulated in analog pictures and videos, it faces the threat of loss, damage and obsolescence. Luckily, digitization not only protects against all three threats, but it does so in a way that remains friendly for the future.




Disasters. We don’t like to think about them, and therefore we often don’t prepare for them. But, they happen nonetheless. And, even when we do use our best efforts to keep ourselves and our treasured belongings safe, oftentimes life’s events are out of our control. An electrical fire can spread quickly and a burst pipe or severe storm can cause flooding. 


For the most part we can repair and recover from these events; furniture can be replaced, water damage fixed. However, when your visual history is represented only by singular physical copies, such a loss cannot be undone.


Simultaneously, your originals are at risk for human error in forgetfulness and misplacement. In growingly outdated formats, old photos and videos are commonly pushed to the backs of cupboards and stored in old shoeboxes. As the years go by, it's easy to forget what is where, and who has ownership of it. In some cases, family photos are misplaced and reclaimed in estate and storage sales, or purchased online by collection sellers.


So, while we cannot always stop the occurrence of fires, flooding, forgetfulness or misplacement, we can make sure that our photos and videos are safe in case of such events. And, we can do so through digitization. 


Digitization allows your photos and videos to be made into multiple copies and saved in multiple places, both physical (a harddrive/computer) and nonphysical (the cloud/online storage), providing the utmost security. This way, should something happen to your originals, you have already safely preserved them in an easily accessible and shareable format.


Ultimately, a digital collection can grant you peace of mind, and allow your legacy to continue. 


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