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Regretfully, the most precious of items, such as family photos and videos, are often the most fragile. With the passage of time, photos and videos can deteriorate irreversibly. Fortunately, digitization is a solution to this problem.


Whether you know it or not, you are the protector of something fragile, impermanent, and which over time has gained incredible value; your legacy. Unfortunately, when such a legacy is encapsulated in analog pictures and videos, it faces the threat of loss, damage and obsolescence. Luckily, digitization not only protects against all three threats, but it does so in a way that remains friendly for the future.


The effect of time is apparent with all things physical; your visual history is not exempt. Regretfully, the most precious of items, such as family photos and videos, are often the most fragile. With the passage of time, originals can deteriorate irreversibly.

Damage to photos and videos can be due to a variety of things. Most commonly, originals are damaged by doing things to better view and enjoy them. For example, a photo will age and fade with exposure to light. So, hanging your favourite photos for all to see will end up causing them harm. Taking photos out of storage or albums to view and share them is equally problematic, as each time they are handled they acquire small but lasting (and compounding) creases, smudges, scratches and tears. Similarly, repeated playing of a video tape can wear down and distress the film permanently, causing it to break and be unplayable. 

Aside from the damage that happens when viewing your originals, damage frequently occurs to photos and videos because of the way that they’re stored. Most individuals are not aware of the many steps that must be taken to protect old photos and videos from pests, mold, dust, and other harmful elements. Storing your originals in the right humidity, temperature and acid-free box can easily be more work than you had originally set out for. 

Thankfully, digitizing your visual history is a way to protect your photos and videos from physical damage. 

A digital collection can be viewed, shared, and enjoyed as frequently as one wants without doing any damage to the file. And, properly storing your digital collection is as simple as making copies and occasionally backing them up. Digitizing not only protects your files against physical damage, but also allows these photos and videos to continue into the future preserved and accurately represented.  


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