Memory Labs: Our mission, values and vision

Memory Labs aims to help Canadians digitally preserve and share their visual history in an expert, professional and congenial fashion. Here’s more on our company’s mission, values, and vision.


Each photo and video that you have serves as an important artifact. One that must be preserved for the future, and which should be enjoyed and shared in the present.

These artifacts, together, tell a unique story - your story.  

With this understanding at the forefront, It is our mission at Memory Labs to help you preserve and share your family’s visual history.

We accomplish this by placing unfailing value on quality and detail while providing a responsible service and comfortable experience for our customers.

And, while Memory Labs strives to protect the past, we are equally captivated by what the future holds. For that reason, we continue to expand our knowledge and practices as the preservation and technology industries evolve.

With this mission, these values, and aptness for forward thinking, we aim to provide an unparalleled experiential service to our customers that in turn makes Memory Labs synonymous with the preservation of legacy and family history.


What We Do

We digitize your old photos and videos to preserve them for future generations using advanced technology to improve the picture.


How It Works

Find out how the Memory Labs process works step-by-step; from preparing your photos, videos and audio, to receiving your digital files.


Get Started

Learn how you can deliver your photos, videos and audio to Memory Labs. Choose from in-store drop-off, local pick-up and Canada-wide shipping.