Memory Labs: A (brief) history

Memory Labs is the product of decades, and generations, of experiencing first hand the importance of preserving photos and videos. Here’s the (brief) story of how we got to where we are today.


Memory Labs as it stands today is a company of eager and knowledgeable individuals, built upon and brought together by, the recognized importance of preserving each family’s legacy as it is represented in pictures and videos. But before that, Memory Labs was an idea. An idea that had been growing unknowingly across decades. 

Turn to our CEO and founder, Ken Schafer, at the age of 8. 

Ken, like so many school-kids before him, was asked to write an autobiography. In hearing that he could also add pictures to his project, he happily glued in all his favourite childhood photos with the hopes that it would distract from the lack of writing he’d done. 

It was graded, returned, and promptly forgotten about inside his desk. Summer came, school was let out, and the project with all of Ken’s most precious memories was thrown out by the custodial staff. The 8 year old boy was devastated. 

With the importance of documenting and protecting one’s history made painfully clear to him, Ken continued onward. In adulthood he made sure to take hundreds of pictures and videos of his daughters as they grew up so that they could have the important memories he longed to have back for himself. 

But, without the time to go through photo album after photo album, or a VCR to connect and watch old home movies on, he watched these important moments fall once again by the wayside. 

This time, however, Ken was armed with new technology. He personally converted each picture and home movie he had taken for his girls. And, after months of digitizing, he was able to gift his daughters a hard drive for christmas.

He told them it was a time machine, and on it was everything. 

Their memories were safe, and so Ken turned to the next task at hand. 


With her legacy in mind, Ken started a new project with his mother. This time, he not only digitized her photos, but he collected the stories that accompanied them. Each day he would send her a different, newly digitized, picture so that she could share the story behind it. 

Finally, with over a years worth of work complete, her life’s story was documented and accessible. 

Ken had accomplished what he had set out to do; he preserved his family’s visual history and could share it in a way that he was never before able to.


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We digitize your old photos and videos to preserve them for future generations using advanced technology to improve the picture.


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