5 music videos that use the artists' personal home movies

These musicians got creative with their home movies and photos. Using old footage to tell their stories, these five music videos feel personal, nostalgic and comfortable. Check them out yourself.


The following artists got creative with their family movies and photos. Using old footage to tell their stories, these artists’ videos feel personal, nostalgic, and comfortable.

1. Tash Sultana - Cigarettes

Aside from Baby Tash’s unbelievable cuteness, this video drives one message home; Tash Sultana was a born musician. Jamming in her early years with a ukulele, toy keyboard and electric guitar she looks as natural and effortless as she does today.



2. Ed Sheeran - Photograph

No surprise here, our beloved Ed has also had an affinity for music from a young age. Watch him grow from a tiny red-headed tot playing the piano, to a dorky teen busking in this UK, to playing sold out stadiums.



3. Beyoncé - All Night

YES, as hard as it is to believe, Beyoncé is a mere mortal with home movies just like you and I. In “All Night”, she gives us a sneak peak into her life and marriage with Jay-Z. Alongside snippets of other people’s old movies the Carters seem like a completely normal couple, if only for 6 minutes.



4. Kesha - Learn to Let Go

In “Learn to Let Go”, Kesha takes the idea of using personal movies in a music video and takes it one step further. Running around a surreal forest, she recreates these old memories and moments captured on film so that they’re larger than life. This video captures how a home movie can transport you and make you feel like a kid again.



Johnny Cash - Hurt

This is a heart-wrenching song WITHOUT any visual accompaniment. So, when you add a careers worth of footage in parallel with an older, sadder, Cash - he leaves you gutted. In a great and beautiful way.




6. Neon Palm Mall (Vaporwave Mix) 

“Mallwave”, has been described as “music optimized for abandoned malls” . Using synthy beats and pop music out of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, the purpose of Mallwave is to invoke nostalgia and to take you back to supposedly simpler times. Of course, that feeling of reminiscence is heightened when you couple it with videos of shopping malls taken in these decades. It’s weird, calming, and something you didn’t know you needed.


7. Toby Keith - Red Solo Cup 

Poor Toby Keith. It seems he partied too hard and forgot to stop and take some videos of his own! But, have no fear, in “Red Solo Cup” he’s recreated what that might have looked like. He’s even gone so far as to add the red “REC” light, and a glitchy green line off to the right of the frame, to make the 2011 music video feel reminiscent of parties past. A lighthearted and fun song, this video makes you want to record and remember the nights you otherwise would have forgotten.




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