Technology changes. Family is forever.

Preserve and share your family’s memories

You’ve got decades of family photos and home movies entrusted to you. They’re records of where you come from and who you are. They deserve to be somewhere besides your basement, attic, or scattered throughout the family. 

At Memory Labs, we digitize your family’s old photos and videos so they will be preserved for the next generation.

Our advanced technology can improve picture quality, so your family’s treasure trove of memories will look their best when they’re shown, shared - and saved for the future. 



Have your photos, slides, negatives and albums digitized with    
museum quality by our trained technicians.

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Have your home movies digitized and brought to broadcast quality, completely upscaled and enhanced.

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Get your cassettes, CDs and reel-to-reel recordings digitized to bring back the voices of the past.

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Bring your family’s memories into focus

Your family treasures deserve special care. Our trained technicians will carefully digitize your originals with museum and broadcasting quality, following archival industry best practices and using state-of-the-art equipment. Your originals will never leave our facility, and will be returned to you with your digitized files.

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Choose whether you want to ship us your originals, arrange for a pick-up, or drop them off at our store at the Shops at Don Mills in Toronto.

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I was blown away by the quality of Memory Labs’ work. I can’t wait to share these photos with my parents over the holidays!

Austin P

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